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My name is Lucas Culbertson, which i plan on changing, my main interests are swords and Atlantis. I will say that’d like no comments with cuss words on here. Well I’m gonna thinking a little bit, but I’m pretty much hung on talking about the history of Atlantis, from the time it started to the time it ended and things that happened after it’s disappearance that still related to it’s descendents, in this blog. I’m a Spirit Seer so all of what I’ll be talking will be given to me by the Elemental Spirits.These are things that people must know to learn from past mistakes of the 4  greatest ancient civilizations, Sparta, Athens, Troy, and Altantis. The downfalls of Sparta, Athens, and Troy are much different from what is known in history. So I will start on these posts about Atlantis’s history on Monday because there’s a book i’m reading that i want to get a lot done on this weekend so a friend can borrow the series when I’m done.


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