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The creation of Atlantis started in 2000 BC by, its first and only king, Crono Gelade. From the time of his birth in the town of Scione, in 2028 BC, Crono Gelade had a unique ability that allowed him to see, sense, hear, and talk to the Spirits of the dead. At the age of 7 to the age of 11, while walking around town by himself other kids would throw stones at him calling him weird and other stuff. During the times they were doing that some of those kids would burst into flames, others would get cuts all over their bodies, and a small group would be killed instantly. At the age of 12 Crono was sent to the island of Skyros, by his parents to protect him from the people in Scione, they gave him tools to build a house for himself. For three years he built a cottage for himself, up on Cape Marmara. He would eat anything he could find that he knew was good to eat.

He finished the cottage on his 15th birthday and shortly after started controlling the water below the cliff, the ground beneath his feet, the wind, the trees, and stones such as granite, sapphire, and crystal. He started controlling the brightness of the sun around his cottage, the shadows from the trees, and the clouds in the sky. He started to find gold in places that you wouldn’t expect it to be, during storms when lightning came close to his cottage he’d pull it to himself and absorb it into his body, and when lightning struck a tree and started a fire he’d suck the flames into his hands and throw it off the cliff. He took one and a half long years to completely master these new abilities he acquired somehow. Once he mastered them he torched his cottage and flew on the wind to the northern most part of Skyros.

After reaching the northern most part of the island he made a storm that he could ride all the way across the Aegean Sea. He rode the storm northwest to Scione to visit his parents. After 3 days in the clouds he was happy to finally see the town of Scione just below him. He appeared in front of his parents house from a bolt of lightning, but when he walked in his parents looked like they were just recently slaughtered. He turned around and saw some people running in the opposite direction. Crono started walking towards the center of town and when he got there the small military force built over the last 4 and a half years during his absence. The military slowly started surrounding him, with the eye of the storm he created staring straight down at them all. Giant balls of hail started pouring from the clouds of the storm slamming into the military force and dropping them down to the ground. Lightning started shooting down from the clouds striking people and building. Some people lived for ten minutes while others died after a few seconds. After two hours he finished the destruction of Scione and dispersed the clouds. Stills angry he decided to look for a place of his own where he could make his own city.

He traveled to Rome (which was just a village at the time) and then to Sicily. While in Sicily he encountered some people with the same abilities as himself. When he talked them he told them about his idea of creating a kingdom of his own for people with the same abilities he had. Crono asked them to help him with his idea, two out of the eight he encountered agreed, then one after another the other six started agreeing to join him. In 2003 BC they all stationed themselves in the directional areas with Crono standing in the center of the other eight. They started pulling up a big area of the earth from under water and on the southern most tip a giant volcano was the first thing to emerge from the water. After 5 weeks the whole island was sitting on the water and slowly moving back in. The strongest of the 8, around Crono, used all of his power to not only keep the island afloat, but also put an elemental barrier around it to keep anyone that didn’t control a single element from entering the island. The other seven met Crono in the center and as he looked around wondering where the last one was he saw a barrier shoot high above them from the outer edge of the island. Crono opened a hole to the bottom of the island there ended up being a giant space already at the bottom. He found iron in the dirt and the moment he touched it, it turned to cobalt. He found more iron and turned it into cobalt with his touch. Crono used that cobalt to create fans to keep this island from sinking after the barrier wore off.

The eight of them left the island and started searching all over the world for more element users. By the of 2001 BC they found 200 element users who would be willing to help if it meant they’d be in a strong fortified city. At the beginning of the year 2000 BC they started building the city that would be known as Atlantis, which was the last name of his parents.


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