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It took five years (1995 BC) to build The Golden City of Atlantis. Though in 1985 BC a dome was created and put underground in the empty magma chamber of the volcano. The dome kept the powers of Sylvester Croto, the one who put the elemental shield around the island. The dome could only be touched by the other 8 who helped raise the land from the water. After the dome was complete, and Crono sealed Sylvester’s power inside it, they started making statues of all 9 of the island’s creators. Susanna Croto, the sister of Sylvester, had a statue put on the southeast side of the island, while Sylvester’s statue sat on the top of the volcano above the dome. The southwest side of the island a statue of Gesves Chronevest Sr. of created, the west side had a statue of Gesves Chronevest Jr. Northwest side the statue of Nadakai Hikigane was built and the north side the statue of Selester Manstave was built. The northeast they built the statue of Monovo Mangova and in the east they built the statue of Manova Mangova, daughter of Monovo. The statue of Crono Gelade was built in the center of Atlantis, after the other 8 were built, and Crono made his statue the source for the propellers under the island.

Crono Gelade was crowned King of Atlantis 2 weeks after the statues were built, after a tournament was held to see who the strongest truly is. Crono who mastered 16 elements defeated 5 opponents straight in 1 hour each to face his 6th opponent who was Gesves Chronevest Sr. Gesves mastered 14 elements making it a difficult final tournament match for king. The matched ended with Gesves’s arms and legs being trapped in granite. Gesves Jr. was the first out in the arena with Crono and his father kneeling down in front in Crono. Gesves Sr. moved into a kneeling position followed by Susanna, Nadakai, Selester, Monovo, Manova, and then the rest of the people of the slowly growing Atlantis power.

Three months after the tournament Crono started organizing a group of priestess to watch over the Dome of Sylvester and told them it was the power source of the island and only women were allowed near it. Shortly after the women agreed the island started shaking with the force coming from the south. Crono, Susanna, Gesves Sr., Gesves Jr., Nadakai, Selester, Monovo, and Manova all went to the volcano to find Sylvester’s power pouring out the side cave. The power started shaping into Sylvester who gave them a prophecy in what is still an unsolved riddle lost in the sounds of time. The image of Sylvester disappeared, but his power was overflowing and still shooting out of the volcano. Crono left for a planet that he read about from his grandfather’s old journal. While the other 7 stayed on earth to contain the power in the volcano.

Crono found the planet 6000 Earth Years away. As he entered the planet, through a time portal, he was surrounded by a group of 17 people who emerged from the shadows of the Earth like planet. The man leading this group had a sword that looked to have the strong metal he was looking for. The man and Crono got into a long 8 hour battle ending with no winner. After the battle the other 16 took the unconscious man and Crono, who was also unconscious, back to their hide out.


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