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The Gemini’s symbol of twins is like actually twins. Gemini’s have twins that are other Gemini. Most of them have a twin born in the same year, but sometimes there’s one that doesn’t have a twin in that year so one additional is born in the next year always close to the one who was born without one the year before. All of the Gemini Twins are meant to either date atleast once, date and get married, or end up as best friends. So for a Gemini girl their twin is a guy and vis versa.


Of course the Gemini Twins have many major differences. I’ll be giving a few examples right now. Example one Family to Nature importance: One will love being with their family more than anything else around them, but the other will love being in nature more than being near their family. Example two Socialization Skills: One will be extremely talkative and have a bunch of best friends, good friends, and acquaintances, and the other will have a few best friends, good friends, and acquaintances. This example is going to use the first two, Example three Relationships: The less talkative one loves nature and always sits around thinking and hoping to find someone who can understand them and keep them from being depressed while the extremely talkative one loves their family and actually searches for someone by gaining as many friends as possible hoping to find the right person in the way they think is the easiest.


So far I’ve only found out one major thing that the Gemini Twins have in common, their choices, they’ve made many of the same choices that have affected their families and friends in different ways. Some good, but most of them have been bad choices. There’s no telling which things they’ve done the same without talking about what’s happened in their life.


These are just a few of the things I’ve learned about The Twin Concept. I also kinda used this as a partially big hint to a girl I know. Too bad things worked out like I foresaw. But I guess that’s my fault. Live and Die as many times as you want it doesn’t stop you much apparently. I’ll post more Gemini Stuff from my facebook page later.


Posted July 24, 2011 by chronoatlantis in Astrology

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