The United States Is No Longer Patriotic   Leave a comment

The people in this country have pissed me off for way too many times. I’m sick and tired of the damn Ignorant, Stupid, Hypocritical, Racist, Immature, Mind Twisted Humans in this country. This country has made me where I hate every race, but only care for those that are close to me at all. This country has destroyed more lives than it’s saved. Example of lost Patriotism! Does the US celebrate Pearl Harbor as a National Holiday? The answer! No they do not. So get the FUCK OVER 9/11. This shit happened 10 fucking years ago. I was 9 at the time I don’t know what happened and still don’t give a damn because it’s not something that should effect the whole fucking country!

Here’s the link to something ALL Dumb Ass Americans should see!

This shows that there is no such thing as Patriotism in this country anymore!  Just because one person gets a group of the same race to fuck over one country does not mean you destroy the lives of everyone from that fucking race! ALL AMERICANS NOWADAYS ARE HYPOCRITES THAT DON’T KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!

We have a president who’s now fucked over the country more than the last one and we only got him because everyone wanted a “Black Man” President. This damn Nigger is only HALF FUCKING BLACK!!! And when I use the term “Nigger” I’m using it to mean Ignorant because it’s not a fucking racist term like everyone wants to make it out to be! I say he’s Ignorant because he doesn’t give a damn about his other half! He calls himself black when he’s not! He’s not American either I don’t give a damn if he showed a Birth Certificate 3 years later that was OBVIOUSLY PRINTED ON PAPER A FEW DAYS BEFORE IT WAS SHOWED. Even though until recently the bastard never had a Birth Certificate to begin with!  This is what shows how Stupid the US people are! It also shows that people are afraid that if they didn’t vote for him they’d be racist because he was constantly pulling the race card even though he’s HALF BLACK!

Teens and Adults all show the Immaturity level has lowered since our 4 fathers. The one that would feel most disrespected right now with the way everyone is handling being racist and everything right now would Abraham Lincoln. I mean seriously referring back to link for a moment here. Lincoln would be disappointed because everyone is being racist to someone for doing nothing! He is the reason the “Black People Are Free” or in my case the “Black People Think They Can Now Do What Ever The Fuck They Want Cause Obama Is President.” Not saying it was a black person that raped the girl but I’m saying everything would’ve been better if our ancestors weren’t stupid and brought them over here in the first place! The Music that people have been listening to over the last 11 years is what’s been making them Immature. Rap and Hip Hop are nothing like they used to be! If it was like it was back in the 90s maybe for once Teens and Adults could actually Mature over the years and not get their heads caught so far up their ass they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing!

The people in this country are Mind Twisted by the way they think they can actually get people in other countries to like them. It’s completely obvious to all except the Immature, Stupid, Racist, Ignorant people in the country or in every country that people aren’t going to like them. Mainly because people in the US don’t understand the Constitution anymore! NO ADULT AND ALMOST EVERY TEEN does not understand the Constitution. This country is full of BS and nobody in it knows what’s really going on because they no longer care to pay attention like they did in the early 1900s! I request that if you do not completely understand the Constitution or you think that you understand it take a fucking shotgun to yourself and end your life know because you obviously have forgotten was the country was founded on.



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