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Serious Question That’s Been Irritating me.   Leave a comment

Okay this question has been irritating me for a seriously long ass time.

Why the fuck do all the young girls end up dating guys that are 5 or more years older than them?

Seriously I just can’t figure this shit out and it’s just seriously annoying me. Is it because they think the older guys are actually more mature? If so that’s pretty much immature thinking on their part. Really it’s just getting to the point where when I see shit like this I now would just rather shoot myself and the foot and say fuck it.

I really wish someone would explain this shit to me so I can finally understand why a young girl would want to date a dude that will have grey hair before she’d even start having kids with him… -_-


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Who the hell is Bridget Mendler?   Leave a comment

Okay well this is my first post in a long time (mainly because I haven’t been on the internet that much in a while to even check this thing). Anyways I was sitting here looking through my stats and I start seeing a lot of people come across one of my posts looking for this bitch named Bridget. Doesn’t really bother me much as long as I don’t have to deal with people bitching about my posts. I’m gonna ask my question again “Who the hell is Bridget Mendler?” My guess that considering how many people were trying to find out who thought she sucks at singing probably means she shouldn’t be famous if she is. But I’ve been heard of her at all.

Which brings us to this note. If you’re actually looking for information on one person about whether or not that person sucks really must mean you have a thing for them or something. If you’re not looking for information on a group of people seriously stop looking cause you’re wasting your own time and others. Really everyone look for shit on this chick really wasted my time on typing all this crap. I could’ve been trying to get youtube to stop screwing me over on watching one of my shows.


Also if anyone feels like explaining who this Bridget Mendler chick is feel free to do so cause I just have no clue what so ever.

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