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Well I probably could’ve done this a while back but couldn’t remember my email or password for this thing. Big part of the reason I haven’t been able to do anything on here. Anyway on to the important topic at hand. We have two and a half months left until we hit election day in the US. People still constantly bitching about it being just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton…. Are people really stupid enough not to do their own damn research about this election and not notice there’s two other parties running this year? Gary Johnson (former republican governor) of the Libertarians and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. First I’m actually gonna start off with some comments about Jill Stein.

There are plenty of Democrats that said Ben Carson was a surgeon and has no place in politics. Well hypocrites why vote Jill Stein? I mean really the only difference between a doctor and a surgeon is where they work in the hospital  the most. They’re both the same thing so don’t vote for the Green Party. Probably all there really is to say about that.

Next I’m gonna talk about Hillary Clinton. The biggest issue with Hillary is her health. We’ve had one president in this country that hid his health issues while running for president only to die from them in office. The health of the president is the most important thing in this country not fucking tax returns. Seriously tax returns are not important at all let alone the whole idea was done by everyone’s favorite hated German (but that’s for another piece). Then there’s the issue with the Clinton Foundation, you know the foundation that managed to rake in millions of dollars in the first year while Hillary Clinton decided to whine and cry at some point recently that after Bill got out of office they were poor. A bunch of bull shit seriously can anyone not tell this woman has severe mental issues? Seriously I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit before, and I’m only 24, but this shit takes the cake. Plus why vote for the first female leader ever of the KKK? Oh right never mind it’s the party of Eisenhower forgot that for a second (for those who don’t know the first president to be leader of the KKK).

Now onto the next Candidate being Donald Trump. Yes a man who has a billionaire company, love publicity, money, and most of all winning. Donald Trump is a competitive man which makes sense for his run for president, but Donald has a few issues himself that go along with his competitiveness: Impulsive, Arrogant, Narcissistic, as well as like Clinton a HYPOCRITE. But I still sit with the biggest hypocrites being the Democratic leaders themselves (This will be in my Eisenhower agenda post). I do think that even with 4 down falls it’s still better than dealing with Clinton for 3 years before she dies of a stroke. Black people need to stop letting themselves continue to be slaves to the Democrats.

And for the final note Gary Johnson. Managing two terms in a Democratic state back in the 90s a lot harder back then as opposed to now. Bill Weld his running mate did the same thing (to be honest I think Weld did better than Johnson in his state) and these two men who have both Republican and Democratic views can be more appealing to both parties (hence the reason why they’ve managed to pull people from both the Republican party and the Democratic party over). Gary Johnson has a better set up of plans that will work in comparison of what Trump or Clinton would do. He’s also in favor of one of the things we’ve been needing for a long time, amount of terms allotted in Congress. I’ll give you an example of why this is important. I just moved back to Georgia after 3 years in Montana and I’m living in the same district of the House of Representatives that I lived in before I moved. The man named Sanford D. Bishop of the second district has been in his House seat since 1993 so that’s 23 years so far (24 when this year is over) meaning he’s hit 12 terms already. That’s far too much especially since our president is only allowed 2 terms. Another reason for voting Johnson is because he’s in favor of re-legalizing marijuana (and yes it did used to be legal) with taxing it, I’m pretty glad he’s pro-choice because other wise it’s against human rights to stop what someone can and can’t do with their own bodies. Most people we all know the damn pro-life people aren’t even gonna take care of the kid when it’s born and given up for adoption. Honestly these three things are the most important things right now that I care about this election. Everything else is minor and no I don’t smoke weed I’m just getting sick of seeing people get sent to jail over something that won’t kill them like tobacco.

On to the final note of this if you think Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the only two candidates to choose from choose Trump and stop being a slave to the democrats if you’re Black, Asian, or Hispanic. But remember Gary Johnson is almost on all the ballots so if he’s on your states ballot vote Gary Johnson not Clinton or Trump. We can easily do better than those two but the right generation hasn’t taken power in the country yet for that to happen so it will take a little while longer.


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  1. I imagine you won’t approve this comment and that’s fine. You just commented on my I Expected More post and I just wanted to inform you that I am a UK citizen and so could not vote in this election, no matter how much I want to. Maybe you are not just a great reflection of our generation if your first move is to attack someone’s expression when you know nothing about their situation.

    • If you are in the UK then your post about another country’s election is of no importance. Personally overall I would have preferred a 3rd party candidate. But Trump keeps us out of WWIII that’s what I we needed Putin would’ve attacked if Hillary was elected. Which for my child’s future would’ve been even worse.

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