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You know I just dealt with one of the most arrogant ass holes I’ve had to deal with and he kept trying to tell me I was saying vaccines are bad for you. First off assumptions are blind ignorance to debates and second trying to make a 2 cent comment in the conversation between you and girlfriend about your child isn’t even important. Since the CIA’s experimentation back in the 1950s started the vaccines became a target for deadly diseases tests or new diseases tests. Diseases that the CIA have been wanting to use to kill people were switched to Africa back in the early 1990s. Ebola and Zika were two diseases started in Africa. The U.S. got through the Ebola issue easily because vaccines were already made for this disease just in case. Zika is the same way before it was release this disease had it’s own vaccine. Vaccines as well have been experimented on for gene deficiency issues as a permanent virus. Autism is an example of this and I’ve seen old video footage of families that had these types of issues after their kids have had vaccinations. Back when I was 10 years old I did a lot of research on these things myself and I came across an article from back during the mid-90s that a scientist tested 500,000 vaccine tubes and found that 5 every 170,000 had a gene virus and 3 out of those 5 were found to be a result of an autistic gene. Documents and information I found when I was 10 I couldn’t find at  all in 2012. Which makes me believe that these damaging documents have been forcibly removed from the internet. People who just want to follow what they’re told, that vaccines are only capable of helping people and have no down  side at all is blind ignorance. There were thousands of reports back during the Cold War that had the CIA tampering with vaccines.

-_- Honestly that’s about it for what I can think of. So I’m done now.


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