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Okay so I figured I should write this because I believe that the Majors should give credit where it’s truly due. This refers to the Cy Young award giving out at the end of the season. Everyone knows the the NL Cy Young winning is going to be Clayton Kershaw from the LA Dodgers. But in his full 3 seasons with the Atlanta Braves Craig Kimbrel has proven more than enough as a Closer that he deserves that award most of all. He is the first Closer in Major League history to have three 40 save seasons starting from his full rookie season. Currently compared to all the other Closers  he leads the Majors in saves at 43 out of 45, he’s given up the least amount of hits (31) and runs (6 all earned), he’s given up 3 HRs which puts him 3rd because 2 of the top 10 are tired for first with 2, he’s walked 17 (but that’s because of bad control at the start of games some times), he’s got 80 strikeouts in 54.2 innings, he dominates batters with a 0.161 average allowed, and his walks and hits per inning is at 0.88. Kimbrel is the most dominate pitcher in baseball right now. Starters end up with only lucky years and can never repeat the same performances two years in a row anymore. Craig Kimbrel has dominated batters since coming into the Majors in 2010 when he was playing at the end of the season. Kimbrel played in 21 games had 20.2 innings, struck out 40, allowed 2 runs (1 earned), walked 16 (and his walks have been around that for these last 2 seasons), he even had a 0.125 average against him in those 21 games.

People probably won’t expect it, but I believe Kimbrel will stay with the Braves his whole career. Everyone compares Kimbrel to past Braves Closers, but the truth is he’ll show he’s more dominate than even the Yankees’ Rivera. He’ll beat Rivera’s saves record in a maximum amount of 10 season. Kimbrel is a Closer yes and the Cy Young usually goes to a Starter in most cases, but Kimbrel has proven he’s a monster out of the bull pin. At one point in the next few years he’ll have the season saves record (which I think was somewhere between 60 and 75), again after 10 season he’ll have Rivera’s career saves record, and after all that he’ll end up with below 0.100 for average against him for his career. Kimbrel will continue on with constant 40 save seasons and he definitely won’t slow down at all.