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People and Vaccinations   Leave a comment

You know I just dealt with one of the most arrogant ass holes I’ve had to deal with and he kept trying to tell me I was saying vaccines are bad for you. First off assumptions are blind ignorance to debates and second trying to make a 2 cent comment in the conversation between you and girlfriend about your child isn’t even important. Since the CIA’s experimentation back in the 1950s started the vaccines became a target for deadly diseases tests or new diseases tests. Diseases that the CIA have been wanting to use to kill people were switched to Africa back in the early 1990s. Ebola and Zika were two diseases started in Africa. The U.S. got through the Ebola issue easily because vaccines were already made for this disease just in case. Zika is the same way before it was release this disease had it’s own vaccine. Vaccines as well have been experimented on for gene deficiency issues as a permanent virus. Autism is an example of this and I’ve seen old video footage of families that had these types of issues after their kids have had vaccinations. Back when I was 10 years old I did a lot of research on these things myself and I came across an article from back during the mid-90s that a scientist tested 500,000 vaccine tubes and found that 5 every 170,000 had a gene virus and 3 out of those 5 were found to be a result of an autistic gene. Documents and information I found when I was 10 I couldn’t find at  all in 2012. Which makes me believe that these damaging documents have been forcibly removed from the internet. People who just want to follow what they’re told, that vaccines are only capable of helping people and have no down  side at all is blind ignorance. There were thousands of reports back during the Cold War that had the CIA tampering with vaccines.

-_- Honestly that’s about it for what I can think of. So I’m done now.


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Serious Question That’s Been Irritating me.   Leave a comment

Okay this question has been irritating me for a seriously long ass time.

Why the fuck do all the young girls end up dating guys that are 5 or more years older than them?

Seriously I just can’t figure this shit out and it’s just seriously annoying me. Is it because they think the older guys are actually more mature? If so that’s pretty much immature thinking on their part. Really it’s just getting to the point where when I see shit like this I now would just rather shoot myself and the foot and say fuck it.

I really wish someone would explain this shit to me so I can finally understand why a young girl would want to date a dude that will have grey hair before she’d even start having kids with him… -_-

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Who the hell is Bridget Mendler?   Leave a comment

Okay well this is my first post in a long time (mainly because I haven’t been on the internet that much in a while to even check this thing). Anyways I was sitting here looking through my stats and I start seeing a lot of people come across one of my posts looking for this bitch named Bridget. Doesn’t really bother me much as long as I don’t have to deal with people bitching about my posts. I’m gonna ask my question again “Who the hell is Bridget Mendler?” My guess that considering how many people were trying to find out who thought she sucks at singing probably means she shouldn’t be famous if she is. But I’ve been heard of her at all.

Which brings us to this note. If you’re actually looking for information on one person about whether or not that person sucks really must mean you have a thing for them or something. If you’re not looking for information on a group of people seriously stop looking cause you’re wasting your own time and others. Really everyone look for shit on this chick really wasted my time on typing all this crap. I could’ve been trying to get youtube to stop screwing me over on watching one of my shows.


Also if anyone feels like explaining who this Bridget Mendler chick is feel free to do so cause I just have no clue what so ever.

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The United States Is No Longer Patriotic   Leave a comment

The people in this country have pissed me off for way too many times. I’m sick and tired of the damn Ignorant, Stupid, Hypocritical, Racist, Immature, Mind Twisted Humans in this country. This country has made me where I hate every race, but only care for those that are close to me at all. This country has destroyed more lives than it’s saved. Example of lost Patriotism! Does the US celebrate Pearl Harbor as a National Holiday? The answer! No they do not. So get the FUCK OVER 9/11. This shit happened 10 fucking years ago. I was 9 at the time I don’t know what happened and still don’t give a damn because it’s not something that should effect the whole fucking country!

Here’s the link to something ALL Dumb Ass Americans should see!

This shows that there is no such thing as Patriotism in this country anymore!  Just because one person gets a group of the same race to fuck over one country does not mean you destroy the lives of everyone from that fucking race! ALL AMERICANS NOWADAYS ARE HYPOCRITES THAT DON’T KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!

We have a president who’s now fucked over the country more than the last one and we only got him because everyone wanted a “Black Man” President. This damn Nigger is only HALF FUCKING BLACK!!! And when I use the term “Nigger” I’m using it to mean Ignorant because it’s not a fucking racist term like everyone wants to make it out to be! I say he’s Ignorant because he doesn’t give a damn about his other half! He calls himself black when he’s not! He’s not American either I don’t give a damn if he showed a Birth Certificate 3 years later that was OBVIOUSLY PRINTED ON PAPER A FEW DAYS BEFORE IT WAS SHOWED. Even though until recently the bastard never had a Birth Certificate to begin with!  This is what shows how Stupid the US people are! It also shows that people are afraid that if they didn’t vote for him they’d be racist because he was constantly pulling the race card even though he’s HALF BLACK!

Teens and Adults all show the Immaturity level has lowered since our 4 fathers. The one that would feel most disrespected right now with the way everyone is handling being racist and everything right now would Abraham Lincoln. I mean seriously referring back to link for a moment here. Lincoln would be disappointed because everyone is being racist to someone for doing nothing! He is the reason the “Black People Are Free” or in my case the “Black People Think They Can Now Do What Ever The Fuck They Want Cause Obama Is President.” Not saying it was a black person that raped the girl but I’m saying everything would’ve been better if our ancestors weren’t stupid and brought them over here in the first place! The Music that people have been listening to over the last 11 years is what’s been making them Immature. Rap and Hip Hop are nothing like they used to be! If it was like it was back in the 90s maybe for once Teens and Adults could actually Mature over the years and not get their heads caught so far up their ass they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing!

The people in this country are Mind Twisted by the way they think they can actually get people in other countries to like them. It’s completely obvious to all except the Immature, Stupid, Racist, Ignorant people in the country or in every country that people aren’t going to like them. Mainly because people in the US don’t understand the Constitution anymore! NO ADULT AND ALMOST EVERY TEEN does not understand the Constitution. This country is full of BS and nobody in it knows what’s really going on because they no longer care to pay attention like they did in the early 1900s! I request that if you do not completely understand the Constitution or you think that you understand it take a fucking shotgun to yourself and end your life know because you obviously have forgotten was the country was founded on.


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-_- I Think I’ll Change What I’m Talking About   Leave a comment

I’m really gonna need to change what I’m talking about on this.  I think I’ll just type stuff that I think need to heard.  Kinda like my last one about the Disney and Nickelodeon actresses. Which of course still pisses me off, but I’ll probably have something else when I can think of it.

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10 Years After The Creation of Atlantis   Leave a comment

It took five years (1995 BC) to build The Golden City of Atlantis. Though in 1985 BC a dome was created and put underground in the empty magma chamber of the volcano. The dome kept the powers of Sylvester Croto, the one who put the elemental shield around the island. The dome could only be touched by the other 8 who helped raise the land from the water. After the dome was complete, and Crono sealed Sylvester’s power inside it, they started making statues of all 9 of the island’s creators. Susanna Croto, the sister of Sylvester, had a statue put on the southeast side of the island, while Sylvester’s statue sat on the top of the volcano above the dome. The southwest side of the island a statue of Gesves Chronevest Sr. of created, the west side had a statue of Gesves Chronevest Jr. Northwest side the statue of Nadakai Hikigane was built and the north side the statue of Selester Manstave was built. The northeast they built the statue of Monovo Mangova and in the east they built the statue of Manova Mangova, daughter of Monovo. The statue of Crono Gelade was built in the center of Atlantis, after the other 8 were built, and Crono made his statue the source for the propellers under the island.

Crono Gelade was crowned King of Atlantis 2 weeks after the statues were built, after a tournament was held to see who the strongest truly is. Crono who mastered 16 elements defeated 5 opponents straight in 1 hour each to face his 6th opponent who was Gesves Chronevest Sr. Gesves mastered 14 elements making it a difficult final tournament match for king. The matched ended with Gesves’s arms and legs being trapped in granite. Gesves Jr. was the first out in the arena with Crono and his father kneeling down in front in Crono. Gesves Sr. moved into a kneeling position followed by Susanna, Nadakai, Selester, Monovo, Manova, and then the rest of the people of the slowly growing Atlantis power.

Three months after the tournament Crono started organizing a group of priestess to watch over the Dome of Sylvester and told them it was the power source of the island and only women were allowed near it. Shortly after the women agreed the island started shaking with the force coming from the south. Crono, Susanna, Gesves Sr., Gesves Jr., Nadakai, Selester, Monovo, and Manova all went to the volcano to find Sylvester’s power pouring out the side cave. The power started shaping into Sylvester who gave them a prophecy in what is still an unsolved riddle lost in the sounds of time. The image of Sylvester disappeared, but his power was overflowing and still shooting out of the volcano. Crono left for a planet that he read about from his grandfather’s old journal. While the other 7 stayed on earth to contain the power in the volcano.

Crono found the planet 6000 Earth Years away. As he entered the planet, through a time portal, he was surrounded by a group of 17 people who emerged from the shadows of the Earth like planet. The man leading this group had a sword that looked to have the strong metal he was looking for. The man and Crono got into a long 8 hour battle ending with no winner. After the battle the other 16 took the unconscious man and Crono, who was also unconscious, back to their hide out.

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What should i start talking about? Hmmmm   Leave a comment

My name is Lucas Culbertson, which i plan on changing, my main interests are swords and Atlantis. I will say that’d like no comments with cuss words on here. Well I’m gonna thinking a little bit, but I’m pretty much hung on talking about the history of Atlantis, from the time it started to the time it ended and things that happened after it’s disappearance that still related to it’s descendents, in this blog. I’m a Spirit Seer so all of what I’ll be talking will be given to me by the Elemental Spirits.These are things that people must know to learn from past mistakes of the 4  greatest ancient civilizations, Sparta, Athens, Troy, and Altantis. The downfalls of Sparta, Athens, and Troy are much different from what is known in history. So I will start on these posts about Atlantis’s history on Monday because there’s a book i’m reading that i want to get a lot done on this weekend so a friend can borrow the series when I’m done.

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